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The "MIDDLE" kit

The 550-mm length GIRS-"Titan" titanium speargun is the optimal version for most Russian lakes and rivers, good for reeds and water thickets. Its power is enough for through punching of 19-kilogram carp (proved experimentally). By the way, about power. The harpoon speed can reach and even exceed 40 m/s (125 J energy). This is about as large as 0.22 LR rifle energy (120-140 J).


The ergonomic shape of the handle provides a minimum angle of recoil tossing;
The upper location of the line provides ease of aiming and ease of additional equipment placing (action camera, flashlight, coil);
No separate pump for pumping, just one plug, one bushing and a pump handle;
The pump handle can be used as a loading pad;
The shank of the harpoon made of brass to reduce friction and barrel wear;
The tip of spearhead, trigger and line releaser - hardened stainless steel;
Safe loading pad made of aluminum;
Shot power/safety controller;
12 months warranty.

Technical parameters:

Length of the gun assy 550 mm;
Weight: 600 g;
The receiver material: titanium;
Receiver length: 310 mm;
Receiver assy length: 405 mm;
Barrel diameter: 11mm;
Barrel material: stainless steel;
Line releasing: active;
Handle: universal (for left and right hand);
Spearshaft diameter: 8 mm;
Spearshaft material: stainless steel;
Package contents: assembled speargun, 400 mm harpoon with spearhead (2 pcs.), loading pad, pump parts, pump handle, line, user manual, spare parts kit.

Useful information:

User manual;
The history of GIRS-"TITAN" speargun.

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