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The "COMBI 1+1=3" kit

The 750-mm length GIRS - "Titan" titanium speargun  is optimised for the cleanest lake and sea water of medium transparency. When used in sports underwater shooting, such gun provided easily to fell into the "top ten" (49 mm diameter) at 5 m distance. Removing one or other receiver, you can get a shorter (550 mm or 390 mm length) guns. The 550 mm gun is well suited for hunting in reeds, wetlands, in driftwood. The 390 mm gun can be used for night or muddy water hunting.


The ergonomic shape of the handle provides a minimum angle of recoil tossing;
The upper location of the line provides ease of aiming and ease of additional equipment placing (action camera, flashlight, coil);
No separate pump for pumping, just one plug, one bushing and a pump handle;
The pump handle can be used as a loading pad;
The shank of the harpoon made of brass to reduce friction and barrel wear;
The tip of spearhead, trigger and line releaser - hardened stainless steel;
Safe loading pad made of aluminum;
Shot power/safety controller;
12 months warranty.

Технические характеристики:

Length of the gun assy: 390/550/750 mm;
Weight: 450/600/900 g;
The receiver material: titanium;
Receiver length: 145/310mm;
Receiver assy lengths: 240/405 mm;
Dual receiver assy length: 595 mm;
Barrel diameter: 11 mm;
Barrel material: stainless steel;
Line releasing: active;
Handle: universal (for left and right hand);
Spearshaft diameter: 8 mm;
Spearshaft material: stainless steel;
Package contents: assembled speargun (550 mm), 145 mm receiver assy, harpoon (240 mm - 1 pc., 400 mm - 2 pcs., 600 mm - 1 pc.) with spearhead, loading pad, pump parts, pump handle, line, user manual, spare parts kit. 

Useful information:

User manual;
The history of GIRS-"TITAN" speargun.

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