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The LD-50R laser designator (LD)

Laser designator (LD)  can be used both in Sunny weather and at night hunting. It makes aiming much easier and faster (normally, 0.5-1.1 sec was fixed by video). Especially effective in cramped space and uncomfortable position (in reeds and snags), providing the possibility to hit the fish even in the hopeless case!


Stainless steel housing and mounting screws;
Silent laser switching mechanism;
Switching on and off with index finger by turning of the two-pin switch at 90°;
Ability to attach to the speargun of any diameter (optional);
12 months warranty.

Technical parameters:

Length: 170 mm;
Diameter 14 mm;
Weight: 110 g;
Housing material: stainless steel;
 Package contents: laser designator, brackets with screws (2 pcs.), AAA batteries (2 pcs.). 

Useful information:

User manual for LD;
Assembling and adjusting instructions;

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